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Ayesirowl was formed in 2013 by Ben Sturdevant and Kelsey Meigs. Ben is a songwriter and experimental multi-instrumentalist. Kelsey is a fiddle player trained in Bluegrass and Old Time. Somewhere along the way, Dalton Wilson joined the band as bassist and percussionist. Over time the sound has evolved from more traditional folk style arrangements to something like "Space Folk." (Though I prefer the more pretentious "post folk" label because we were once a folk band, and now I pretend that we are not.) It is meditative and reflective, and tries to deliver a deep sense of calm in the face of absolute uncertaintly. Ben also produces a podcast called "Into The Weeds." Into The Weeds is a traveling songwriter's round with a constantly changing lineup of players. Ayesirowl has performed all over the Saint Louis area, and across Missouri. 2017 is about looking outward further into the world, and across societal boundaries. At the very least, we need to get out to Colorado to hit some of that legal weed.

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Watch the music video we released last year for "Sex Drive Engines." I don't recommend googling its title, and looking for the video that way, I mean... unless you want to see porn.

For more videos check out our YouTube page.